I dragged my buttocks just a little too much with the illustration Friday prompt this week, which was “Soft.” Boat missed, we are now onto “Window” but I think she’ll find a good use of some kind.

Everything started off swimmingly in the morning, but by 12 noon I was picking out a background from three different possibilities.  Four hours of gelli plating, doodling, gluing, going through old pages, scanning, painting, and generally not having much luck – I found an old 8×10 in a suitably mucky putty color that I had put aside. I think it works here, actually.

She’s 8×10 with a digital final, almost completely manually/practically/analog made.

SoftieThere’s a short list of things I’d like to come back as next time around, and near the top lately is “‘Gator.”  Basically I realized that life would boil down to a warm bath, sashimi and rare steak, reproduction, and avoiding a few dedicated crazies with guns. Sign me up.